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No matter the kind of custom upholstery you need, D&D’s Upholstery Shop can service your needs. D&D works with vinyls as well as leather and can manipulate the upholstery piping in order to get the best fit over whatever project you need.

When you decide what that you are in need of custom upholstery services, you can simply call ahead to D&D to let them know what your upcoming project will be. It doesn’t matter if you have automobiles with ripped seats, motorcycles with faded leather, boats with flat cushions or living room furniture lacking pizazz, D&D can help. The basic process once you enter the shop is to take a look at the different materials D&D offers. Once you have chosen what kind of materials you desire you and D&D’s knowledgeable consultant will work with you to decide what kind of custom upholstery you need for your project. They will take great care and apply their upholstery knowledge as they incorporate auto upholstery logo into your design.

The overall process is quick and painless, although the process may need to happen over a few appointments. D&D knows how important your time is and wants to make sure you get your money’s worth when the final job is finished. Whether you are trying to come up with a good gift for your grandma by upholstering her old ragged couch or if you have a family member who needs upholstery on their classic car, D&D will be glad to be of service.

Your satisfaction is number one for D&D’s Upholstery Shop. They want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your business in order to gain more customers through your references of family and friends. While some upholstery jobs you can do yourself, D&D wants to save you the hardship of having to repeat your work when they can do it once for you and do it right. This gives D&D an advantage over their competitors since they are not trying to take you for all your money by suggesting you do your own upholstery. The quality of the upholstery work by D&D’s Upholstery Shop speaks volumes and their quality is second to none.

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